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North Korea uses Twitter for propaganda

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Beware @uriminzok
Unless you want to be part of  North Korea's propaganda campaign it might not be a good idea to follow @uriminzok on Twitter.

Dear Leader has apparently ordered his glorious communist legions to step up a propaganda campaign on the social notworking site, Twitter. The outfit has been recently seen trying to get its glorious videos onto YouTube.

The twitter name is a reference to the country's official website ( South Korea blocks the site and few in North Korea have access even to a computer. One tweet dismissed accusations that a North Korean torpedo sank a South Korean warship in March and another slammed US-led sanctions on North Korea and Iran. Followers are free to slag off the US and the west in Korean.

North Korea operates an army of elite hackers, well elite in comparison to say the UK. In fact many of them are working on PCs so primitive that they were designed to paint pictures of bison in caves using a primitive dot matrix system.

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