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Eurocom intros six-core laptop

by on18 August 2010

Panther 2.0
Eurocom has started taking preorders for what must be the mother of all laptops.

The Panther 2.0 is not a desktop replacement, it’s a workstation replacement for CAD and 3D applications. It’s based around Intel’s Core i7 EE six-cores or Xeon 5600 chips clocked up to 3.3GHz.

Of course, such power can’t come in a small package, so the Panther 2.0 is a 17-incher and it weighs 5.3kg. Users can configure their own rig and there is plenty to go for if the checkbook can take it. It features 4 HDD bays, 6GB to 24GB of RAM and a choice of Nvidia GTX 480M, Quadro FX3800M or AMD HD 5870 cards in Crossfire or SLI. The full HD is also available with optional 3D support.

Although it ships with a 88.8Wh Polymer Ion battery, we’re guessing it won’t last too long under load. Prices start at $2,999, but they can run up to more than $8,500 with optional extras, more memory and storage.

Nevertheless, the Panther 2.0 is a niche product that will allow architects and designers to check out complex projects in the field, on site, with one of those silly hardhats.

You can check it out here.
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