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Rumour mill points to 7-inch iPad

by on18 August 2010

For smaller smug people

Several rumours about an upcoming revision of Apple’s iPad and a new 7-inch iPad have surfaced on interweb lately.

Last week Digitimes consulted its tarot cards and concluded that Cupertino would soon introduce a 7-inch tablet and that the 9.7-inch unit would be updated with a new Cortex A9 processor and 1024x768 screen. The upgraded model should appear in Q1 2011.

In addition, Taiwan’s Economic Daily News also believes the 7-inch iPad is real and coming, as well as a few Apple oriented sites. We’re really not sure what to make of these predictions, so take them with a grain of salt. The 7-incher would have to be quite a bit cheaper than the 9.7-inch unit, which means that it would also end up dirt cheap compared to the iPhone.

We could argue that there is plenty of market space between the big iPad and the rumoured 7-incher, but some could also argue the opposite. However, the 7-inch iPad could target the Nook and Kindle, although it would probably end up quite a bit more expensive.

This is not the only Apple rumour floating about. The company is supposedly also working on a smaller and slimmer MacBook Air with an 11.6-inch screen. Once again, nobody is sure whether it’s coming, but we guess it sounds like a nice idea.

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