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New SanDisk Cruzer technology introduced

by on03 January 2008

Flash Drives continue to evolve

SanDisk Corporation has announced a new flash storage drive product that will also automatically link a registered user to the Internet and store data by syncing to that user’s Internet account.  After an initial registration, when the user is online and the drive is plugged in, the information will sync automatically with an online storage account.

Called the Cruzer Titanium Plus USB flash drive (or The Cruzer, for short) it will allow consumers to store music, photographs and documents onto drive, then will back that digital data up through BeInSynch, a new Web service company. BeInSynch is a start-up company that operates by charging for online data storage on a pay-as-you-go basis which is stored using the S3 storage service on computers owned by Web site giant,, Inc.

The new Cruzer will be available at retail stores in March.  Retailing for US $59.99, it includes 4 Gigabytes of storage and 6 months of free online backup service.  After the 6-month free backup service expires, users can opt to continue the online storage service by paying an annual fee of US $29.99.

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