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AMD cuts desktop processor prices

by on20 August 2010

$3 to $22 drop
Xbit has gone through AMD’s latest price lists and concluded that the chipmaker has slashed prices on a number of desktop parts.

Most of the changes were cosmetic, as AMD was less than keen to shave off more than a few bucks from current prices. However, some processors dropped up to $22, which is quite a nice cut.

The Phenom II 965 is now priced at $165, while 955BE, 945 and 925 parts sell for $145. All Athlon 500 series dual-cores now sell for $93. Of course we are talking about prices for 1000-unit tray orders.

Bargain hunters are probably a bit more interested in Athlon parts, but they did not see as many price cuts as the Phenoms, probably because they already offer much better value for money than anything Intel has to offer. All Athlon II X4 6xx parts are still priced at $99.99, while X3 4xx parts cost $76. Dual-core Athlon II X2 2xx parts sell for $66 to $69.

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