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iMac might get a built in iPad

by on24 August 2010

Looking at the patents
The purveyor of broken dreams, Apple has patented an idea that sticks an iPad under the bonnet of a conventional iMac computer.

The website Patently Apple has found some European patent filings filed in September 2009 and first published in January 2010. The document describes a system for an iMac touch, a device that acts like a standard desktop computer and a tablet. Just in case you can't work out what you are doing.

The idea is that when the device is in the upright position, like a standard iMac or flatscreen monitor, it can be controlled using a mouse and keyboard. When reclined, an accelerometer will trigger advanced multi-touch mode and switch the operating system from Mac OS X to iOS. In addition to seamlessly switching modes/operating systems, the patent information also details a system that would allow peripheral control of an iPhone or iPad from the iMac touch. All good stuff. It seems that Steve Jobs is finally coming up with a use for his iPad, something that no one has adequately managed so far.   

Although it does seem that you will spend most of your life adjusting the monitor so that it is doing what ever you want for that precise moment.
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