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Next Nano to be more flat

by on30 August 2010

Out with curved edges
Our sources tell us that that when Apple announces the new iPod Nano at their upcoming event, the Nano will once again be changing shapes. Apparently, Apple is said to be moving to make the new iPod Nano more flat and less curved, with a look that will be more a combination of the iPhone 4 and the MacBook Pro.

The new Nano is said to offer the rear camera that everyone is apparently asking for. It is believed that it will have an LED flash as well as a built-in microphone for shooting video. Sources contend that the screen of the next Nano might be a little bit bigger, as well, but we are doubtful of this claim.

In addition to the new Nano a revised iPod Touch is also expected; but from the whispers that we hear you should not expect much from the new Touch other than a unification of the iPhone and Touch platforms and parts. This means that the new Touch will look like the latest iPhone and share many of the same parts.

Beyond the new iPods, it seems that the majority of the focus is expected to be the introduction of a new revised AppleTV platform. It is expected that this new AppleTV will introduce some new features as well as an expected price reduction as Apple moves more into this market space.
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