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Cooler Master USNA 95 Ultra Slim Notebook Adapter tested

by on30 August 2010


Review: The ideal companion for thin and light notebooks

Today we’ll talk about USNA 95 - Ultra Slim Notebook Adapter and the name itself says it all. It’s a notebook adapter designed to be as slim as possible and even visually appealing while still performing the main task – supplying power. The adapter measures 6.2cm x 1.7cm x 10.4cm (W/H/D) and we’ve put it next to an SSD 2.5" disk for size comparison (picture below).


The specs list output rating of 95W (peak power output is at 150W), meaning that USNA 95 can charge pretty much anything – from small netbooks to gaming laptops. To make sure the adapter is compatible with various notebooks, Cooler Master provides 9 charger tips.

All you need to do before charging is use the appropriate tip and you’re set.

The easiest way to check compatibility is here. Note however that you shouldn’t regard the list as the ultimate truth list because it’s still incomplete and you might not find your device, despite potential compatibility. If your notebook isn’t in the list, you should check whether it supports DC 19V but contacting Cooler Master’s customer support department is probably the wisest way to go. Note however that certain notebooks can be powered via USNA 95 but it does not charge their battery (certain Dell notebooks apparently behave like this).
If you have a notebook with a large and heavy adapter and you carry it around often, then USNA 95 will be a godsend as it weighs in below 300 grams together with cables. Choiix, the company that helps CoolerMaster in designing new and improved peripherals is responsible for USNA 95’s design.
A really neat feature is the capability to simultaneously charge one notebook and one USB device (phone, mp3 player, iPod, PDA, etc.). Powerful 1Amp charges USB devices up to 30% faster than typical PC USB konektor. Furthermore, you can use USNA 95 to charge just the USB device, which can come in pretty handy when your laptop isn’t on or not at immediate reach.

USNA 95 comes with a LED lamp that glows green when it’s connected to AC power or when charging your notebook, and red when you connect a USB device.


In the package you'll find the USNA 95 adapter, a cable clip and power cord, the base that holds 9 tips, the user manual, a DC cable and a storage bag.

The verdict

We didn’t use any fancy special tests with USNA 95. Instead, we turned to the most practical of tests, everyday use. We used the USNA 95 with our Fujitsu Siemens Amilo Sa 3650 notebook, showed it to friends and tried it on their laptops as well. Just like us, everyone thought it to be a pretty cool gadget due to its compact size and compatibility with numerous standards.

Unlike standard adapters, which almost exclusively come in brick shape and are often tough to pack into a smaller backpack, USNA 95 ended up being our faithful and very light companion. Furthermore, being compact and light still doesn’t stop this gadget from offering more than standard notebook adapters – a USB port.

You might be thrown off by USNA 95’s MSRP of €54,54/$79.99, but if you’re often on the road with a backpack or a bag, you won’t be sorry. In fact, perhaps the most helpful scenarios we’ve encountered is when carrying three notebooks without having to carry three individual adapters.

Last modified on 24 September 2010
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