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RIM to add new Style family

by on02 September 2010

New BlackBerry to be 9670
As we told you a few weeks back, RIM has been working on a new “clamshell” BlackBerry form factor; and while it was thought that this would be an addition to the Pearl Flip family, RIM has instead elected to launch it in a new branding family that will be called “Style,” which is actually sort of fitting.

The first member of the Style family will be the BlackBerry Style 9670 which, from what we hear, will be coming to Sprint first in the next few weeks. The 9670 will offer a wider and thinner design that has been dubbed the “clamshell” design by those that have seen it. It will be running BlackBerry OS 6, which isn’t a surprise.

The 9670 is an interesting looking BlackBerry and it could become popular with corporate customers, as it offers some protection that isn’t found in other models in the BlackBerry line. We will have to see how the reaction is, but from what we hear so far this could be much more successful than the Torch, which didn’t exactly set the world on fire at launch.
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