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Duke Nukem coming back after 13 years

by on07 September 2010

So what have you managed in the meantime?
It’s already official – Duke Nukem is coming back in 2011, but the general public has every right to retain the skepticism that has served them well and kept them from disappointment all these years.

Unfortunately, yours truly must admit that as much as he wanted to see the game, he didn’t want to see it ruined. I mean is the story of lonesome marine trooper stuck on an island/spaceship/boat/planet the best this industry could come up in the absence our beloved babe-saving “hero”? Sheesh, one would think that there are still shards of imagination laying around game studios.

Now however, we have few reasons to be on our toes and we’re really hoping to see Duke revived in its full glory. Unfortunately for the new owner, Gearbox, we must admit that it better be “full glory”. Gamers (as well as movie buffs) are sick and tired of sequels made with only cash in mind – we want real Duke. Period.

13 years is a long time, no doubt about it. It took NASA less than that to put a man on the moon. All this time has seen many not so glorious games come and go so we’d like to know a few things. Namely, what have you managed to do waiting for Duke and what was your favorite thing in Duke Nukem 3D? Of course you might want to keep it short, except when talking about dealing with dancing ladies from the game – we want to know a lot about that.

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