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Larrabee comes back in 2012

by on13 September 2010

IDF 2010: HPC part for the end of the world
Someone has asked the “L” question. Intel is still not happy to talk about the L-world but we got a small update about its troubled Larrabee architecture.

Larrabee as a graphics product is dead for now, but in 2012 Intel plans to launch it as high performance computing part. This is something that covers the highly parallel computing market and goes against Nvidia’s Tesla, but there is definitely is nothing new to come in the form of a Larrabee for the graphics market.

With that in mind, Intel is already shipping software development vehicles for developers, and it hopes that more of them will get cozy with Larrabee than CUDA. We do believe that Intel will have a lot of catching up to do, but it also has plenty of resources to go after Nvidia in this market.

Intel still gave us a glimmer of hope as it claims that it’s continuing to investigate the discrete graphics market field, but in the short term. Intel’s VP Dadi Perlmutter made this abundantly clear by stating: “You won’t see Intel getting into discrete graphics.”
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