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Amazon mocks iPad in latest ad

by on14 September 2010

Just $139 and it works outdoors
Amazon’s Kindle is one of the few truly successful e-book readers on the market and the company, mainly thanks to its low price and bulletproof E-ink display, so the company is using both of these selling points to poke fun at iPad users in its latest ad.

shows an iPad user lounging by the pool and struggling to see anything but his reflection in the glossy screen. The Kindle user next to him has no trouble reading and makes a point about the Kindle’s low price, saying it was cheaper than a pair of sunglasses.

Of course, the Kindle is a dedicated e-book reader, while the iPad is more of an all-rounder, but the ad still makes sense. Amazon has gone back to the basics and offered a cheaper product with superior outdoor legibility.

However, the iPad is hardly the only product that deserves to be made fun of for using a glare screen. Many vendors have drunk the gloss kool-aid and the market is currently inundated by ultraportable notebooks and netbooks with glossy screens. Needless to say, matte screens are always a better choice, but they are a few bucks pricier than glossy screens. Despite this, regular matte screens can’t hold a candle to E-ink screens, but the latter are faced with serious limitations that preclude them from being used on most devices.

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