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Sony rolls out 3.50 PS3 firmware

by on22 September 2010

Update adds Blu-ray 3D support
The Blu-ray 3D upgrade is finally starting to be rolled out by Sony for the PlayStation 3. The firmware version, known as 3.50, adds a few other new things beyond the addition of 3D support.

Total Facebook integration makes its way to the PS3. The big draw here is for PS3 developers that will make a way for games to interact with Facebook, to do things such as post scores and upload screenshots to your Facebook page, for example. Apparently, the version of the Sony Facebook application has some hooks in it that developers can use to do a variety of things; and actually right now, we don’t know what all they might dream up.

The Grief Reporting functionality has been enhanced and now allows for the ability to send reports directly from the XMB about any inappropriate message that they might get from other users on the PSN. Users are also able to access this functionality by going to the options menu of the message list in the friends category.

The release of Sony’s 3D Blu-ray support is being seen right now as a major release for the 3D market space, which is in need of a boost. Sales of 3D televisions have continued to be flat and many hope that this firmware upgrade adding 3D support might get those considering a new set to make it a 3D-capable set. Still, we believe that the lack of 3D software for Blu-ray, gaming, and (of course) traditional TV channels offering 3D content is much of the reason that 3D sales have been flat.

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