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Netflix might offer a streaming-only package

by on27 September 2010

Could be similar to the package offered to Canadian users
Sources say that Netflix is closely looking at the possibility of offering a streaming-only package that closely resembles the package that the company is offering now in Canada. The package for the U.S. market is said to be targeted at being cheaper than the current $8.99 package that the company currently offers (which includes one-DVD-by-Mail as well as streaming).

Sources tell us that the number $5.99 per month for a streaming-only option is being talked about. Still, you have to wonder about the value of being able to at least have access to more current titles that are not yet offered via streaming from Netflix.

Sources tell us that the decision to offer a streaming-only package is an effort to get more customers hooked and to attempt to tap into customers that are simply not yet using the service. A good example is the number of Xbox 360 consoles that are not taking advantage of the Netflix streaming support that is directly integrated within the console. Those numbers are reported to be bigger than you might think, and if a lower priced streaming option would bring in more customers, then Netflix may view it as a good move.

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