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Larrabee comes back in 2012

by on28 September 2010
As HPC 22nm part
As we said, the Larrabee project is not dead. We saw a Raytracing demo of what we used to call Larrabee at IDF 2010 and we still have to write about it, but we also have learned that in 2012 the Larrabee story continues.

Knight's Corner is the codename for a 22nm HPC part, something that will likely compete with Kepler and Maxwell GPGPU parts.

Intel plans to put many cores, more than 50 of them and once they get to 22nm. The TDPs will be just right, and Knight’s corner should at least come to market before Maxwell. The reason is simple, Intel plans to migrate to 22nm already in second half of 2011, while TSMC and GloFo won’t be ready by late 2012.

Larrabee as graphics card is still under consideration, but the software and drivers are key issue with it. So after all, the Larrabee fairytale does continue to live.
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