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ARM to embrace multithreading

by on29 September 2010

It takes two arms to strangle the competition
ARM is planning to implement multithreading on its future architectures and the chipmaker believes the move will help boost the performance of its high-end chips aimed at demanding markets.

Mind you, ARM is the epitome of plucky British design, getting more out of less, much like Lotus sports cars or Mosquito fighter-bombers of WWII fame, so the decision to embrace multithreading really isn’t all that surprising. However, it will take a while before we see multithreaded ARMs in our smartphones.

It appears that ARM will focus on multithreading in its future server chip designs, but we have no doubt that the concept will spread to consumer chips sooner or later. Don’t get too optimistic just yet, ARM hasn’t included multithreading on its latest Cortex A15 design and it could be quite a while before we see multithreaded ARM chips in consumer devices.

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