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Console sales surge in Japan

by on09 January 2008


Wii leads the way

has noticed a surge of interest in games consoles based mostly around Nintendo's Wii console and DS.

Researchers think that the reason for Nintendo's success was because they have been developing games that appeal to new comers, including the elderly and women.

The latest killer application for the Wii is its “Wii fit” game, which uses a balance board resembling a body scale to help people exercise in the living room with yoga positions, hula hoops and push-ups. It has already sold a million units in Japan in a month since going on sale in December.

The biggest seller in Japan was the Nintendo DS portable machine, with 7.1 million units sold. The number two machine was the Will, which sold 3.6 million last year. Sony only managed to sell 3 million PlayStation Portables and 1.2 million PlayStation 3s sold in 2007.
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