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Galaxy's mystery GTX 460 has WHDI

by on30 September 2010

Wireless PC to TV connection

Galaxy's mysterious GTX 460 PCB design that we have seen a while back is actually a GF104 GTX 460 card with AMIMON's WHDI technology for some wireless PC to TV fun.

Previously pictured PCB had a Mini-PCIe connector on-board, something that wasn't seen before and although there has been a lot of speculation about additional PhysX dedicated GPU or TV Tuner, first pictures have finally shed some light regarding it.

The Mini-PCIe connector is used for AMIMON's WHDI technology that is capable of streaming HD content to a separate box that can be connected to the TV via a cable. The card features five antennas, DVI, DisplayPort and a mini-USB USB port on the backplate. The card hasn't yet been officially announced by Galaxy, but we guess the official announcement will come soon enough when we will have more details.

You can find more details here.


Last modified on 30 September 2010
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