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Both AT&T/T-Mobile to get Win Phone 7

by on05 October 2010

Launch events planned for both carriers
The official launch for the Microsoft Windows Phone 7 is coming to North America in October. Surprisingly, it does appear that AT&T will launch their Windows Phone 7 offerings first on October 11th at an event in the morning, while T-Mobile will launch their Windows Phone 7 models later in the afternoon.

The news does seem to confirm the fact that at least to start with there will be no CDMA/EVDO Windows Phone 7 models to start with; and Verizon and Sprint are sitting this one out. While rumors of Windows Phone 7 CDMA/EVDO models for next year continue, it is believed that both carriers will be watching the performance of the Windows Phone 7 models on AT&T and T-Mobile before committing to them.

Microsoft has very high hopes for the Windows Phone 7 and it is hoping that it can recapture at least some of the market space that it has lost in this area. Early buzz seems to be positive over the new fusion of an interface that can be described as a little bit Xbox, with some Zune, and a splash of Kin thrown in. While it doesn’t sound like it would work well, the early buzz is very positive which could be a good sign for Microsoft.

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