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Windows slates coming for the holidays

by on06 October 2010

Who will be exactly offering them?
Microsoft apparently has not given up on taking on the iPad, and CEO Steve Ballmer claims that we will see Windows slate products this holiday season. What we don’t know is whether this means you will actually be able to purchase a Windows tablet device or if new devices will be announced this holiday season.

The bigger question is exactly which companies will be offering these devices and what these devices will offer. A number of manufacturers have been announcing or launching a variety of tablet or slate devices, if you will, but these traditional Windows system builders have been offering devices that are using another OS, most often an OS from the Google stable.

It is unknown exactly what these Windows slate devices will be built upon or what they could offer to compete with some of these already released offerings. It is likely that some manufacturers will be offering both a Microsoft and a non-Microsoft OS slate/tablet offering. We have to think, however, that the iPad will continue to gain ground while others play catch up once again.

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