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3DS will combat piracy

by on11 October 2010

Will use forced auto-updates
Nintendo is taking a far more aggressive approach in dealing with piracy on the 3DS than they have taken with past platforms. Early reports from sources tell us that the company will be using a forced auto-update technology to combat potential piracy.

Of course, Nintendo is spinning this technology as a way for the company to enhance the platform and add new features; but it seems that Nintendo will have a major focus on its ability to provide counter measures to deal with piracy as one of the major features designed into this auto-update technology.

According to the whispers that we hear, the auto-update functionality can be invoked when a ROM cartridge is plugged into the system. In addition, the firmware can be packaged and placed on the ROM cartridges that consumers purchase, so that will be another way that new or updated firmware can be delivered to the unit.

Nintendo believes that this aggressive stance against piracy will help gain software development support for the platform.

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