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Palm Pre 2 details out

by on12 October 2010

French leaks
A French mobile site has leaked more details about the Palm Pre 2 – the second handset to come out since Palm was bought by HP.The information was leaked on the company blog of French mobile network SFR. However the page appears to have gone down so it looks like HP didn't like it.

It seems that the Palm Pre 2 will have the webOS 2.0 which will include things like push functionality and integration with social networks. Facebook was a prominent factor on the phone, with wall posts and messages from the social network coming through as notifications on the handset.

Underneath the bonnet, there is a 1GHz ARM processor and 512MB of RAM. Also there is a micro USB port on board, improved battery life and a flatter screen. Sadly not much to go on, but it does look like a major shift away from the early models before HP took over.
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