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Intel updates price lists

by on18 October 2010

Price drops
Intel's price list was updated today with the prices dropping on several of its desktop and mobile microprocessors. Official Intel prices were dropped for Core i3-550, Pentium E5700 and Pentium E6700 CPUs by 13 – 15 per cent.

The price of dual-core Celeron E3400 CPU was cut by 21 percent. Two LV and ULV Core i7 mobile microprocessors, i7-640LM and i7-660UM, got cheaper by 6 per cent and 9 percent respectively.

The price cuts in five out of six CPUs were the top processors in their own categories before they were superseded by faster models one and two months ago. Other than the mobile Core 7-640LM, the prices of these models are now in line with slower models from the same families.

It means that you have to be careful when you are buying. The Pentium E6700 costs the same as Pentium E6600 dispite having a higher number, and Celeron E3400 is cheaper than Celeron E3300.

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