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PC New Vegas gets patched

by on22 October 2010

360 & PS3 versions still waiting
The release of Fallout: New Vegas has been a little bumpy, with reports of a number of bugs that have shown up. Of course, Bethesda acted quickly and told players that a new patch would be on the way to address the issues. In a unique turn of events, the patch for the PC version was released today, but Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 owners are still waiting.

The patch resolves a number of bugs related to the quest and scripting issues and will be downloaded by PC players by the in-game automatic update if they are connected to the Internet. As for the 360 and PS3 patch, we hear that the developer is working hard to get the latest patch through the approval process and out to the console players as soon as possible.

One other New Vegas bug that is unique to PS3 users was that pre-order bonus codes were not working. This has been fixed on the backend, but if players continue to get an error, they should wait a full 24 hours before trying the code again. Sources confirm to us that they have been able to now finally download their pre-order bonuses.
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