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Ivy Bridge 22nm has 24 shaders

by on29 October 2010

Double the graphics in Sandy Bridge 2011 cores
If you think that 32nm Sandy Bridge has much better graphics core than current Intel graphics solutions, you should get really excited about the next generation 22nm architecture codenamed Ivy Bridge.

The next generation Core processor in 22nm will have two times the number of shaders, and the number will go up from 12 to 24.

This is a huge increase and will boost the gaming performance across Intel's Ivy Bridge range of products. However, there is one big catch, the drivers. Intel's biggest issues take years to fix, and we don't expect that Intel's integrated graphics will satisfy anyone who is at least a bit serious about proper graphics, but casual gamers might enjoy playing some undemanding games on their notebooks.

Of course desktop Ivy bridge will have the same shader number, but as you can iamgine, Intel is selling more and more laptops and in 2012, when Ivy Bridge ships in serious volume, there will be even more notebooks and demand for new ones.

Ivy Bridge is slated for launch in late 2011, but we expect that serious volume shipments will start in Q1 2012, so it's still more than a year away.

Let's hope that Fusion with the new Bulldozer core won't come much later, but unfortunately only in 32nm or 28nm. If Intel continues with this speed, you might be able even to run Crysis 4 on Intel's Integrated by 2015, of course not with all details cranked up.

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