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DICE to announce new Battlefield title

by on04 November 2010

Apparently, it is something new and not BF3
Sources are confirming that a tweet from Electronic Art’s executive producer, Ben Cousins, indicated DICE will be announcing a new Battlefield title on Friday is accurate. Despite speculation that the announcement was actually none other than Battlefield 3 are not correct.

Apparently, from what we have been able to uncover, the announcement will be a new title that will be shown off in London. Once word of this started to circulate, rumors started about the potential existence of a title known as Battlefield Assault, but this, too, is apparently not the case.

We will know more Friday, for sure; it appears to be a mystery as to what DICE might have up its sleeves. Recently, DICE has had its hands full with sustaining Battlefield Bad Company 2 with new content, developing the multiplayer for the latest Medal of Honor, finishing the development of the Battlefield Bad Company 2 Vietnam Expansion Pack, and working on the new Battlefield 3.

It is difficult to say what DICE might be showing off, but the rumor mill is working overtime with speculation of many different ideas of what it might be. One thing is for sure: it could be something pretty big or it could be something like the recent Battlefield 1943 downloadable release. It is just hard to tell what DICE might be up to. Actually, we would like to see an updated sequel to Battlefield 2142 arrive for both the consoles and PC, but we think the odds of this being the announcement are a long shot, at best.

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