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1 vs. 100 has a new project

by on05 November 2010

New episodic game show headed to beta
The team responsible for 1 vs. 100 apparently has a new episodic game show that is ready to head into closed beta. The name of the show is called “Full House Poker,” according to reports of closed beta invites that Microsoft sent out via Email.

While all of the details are a little unclear, sources suggest that it will be, of course, an Xbox Live Texas Heat Poker show where users can use their avatars to play against other users with a change to work their way to the final table. Players will be able to earn experience points, as well, as the chips bankroll their progress that can be tracked on the leaderboard.

While the title is headed for closed beta, no date or time is projected as to when the product might be released. Microsoft asks those who have received the invites to participate to keep the information confidential, but apparently that didn’t stop those who let us in on what was up. It is hard to tell if a Poker show would meet with as much success as 1 vs. 100 did, but you have to hand it to Microsoft for at least being willing to apply their knowledge to try something new.
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