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Microsoft confirms tablets are eating netbooks

by on05 November 2010

Mmmmm netbooks
Microsoft general manager for Windows product management Gavriella Schuster has confirmed that Tablets are eating netbooks out of the market.

It is the first time that Redmond has admitted publicly that the tablets have made any impact at all. Schuster was being interviewed by CNET with a netbook in front of her. When asked whether such a device was being threatened by tablets she said that they were “definitely getting cannibalized." Obviously her netbook was not feeling that great about being eaten.

But as far as Redmond is concerned, Tablets, like Netbooks do not really matter to its plan to take over the Universe. Schuster said that Netbooks and tablets to be a secondary device on top of a regular computer--an area where Microsoft dominates in OS market share. At the moment the tablet market is dominated by Apple's iPad but others are expected to follow soon. Perhaps by next year, someone will have thought of a use for them.
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