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Toshiba releases Blade X-gale SSD series

by on08 November 2010

High capacity, high performance solid-state storage
Hardware maker Toshiba has just released its new range of High capacity, high performance SSDs. The Blade X-gale SSD series comes in 64 -gigabyte (GB)1 , 128GB and 256GB flavours.

Tosh tells us that they all have a maximum sequential read speed of 220MB per second (MB/s) 2 and a maximum sequential write speed of 180MB/s. They are bening designed for integration into space-sensitive products, including tablet PCs, laptops, mini-mobile and netbook PCs.

Scott Nelson, vice president, Memory Business Unit, Toshiba America Electronic Components said that there was pressure to make SSDs smaller and lighter so designers can create thinner devices. The 64GB and 128GB Blade X-gale SSDs are the thinnest available and have a thickness of 2.2mm.

The modules are 42 percent thinner than that of a typical mSATA SSD, It gets 256GB capacity by mounting the drives on both sides which makes it thicker but still the highest density on the market, according to Tosh. No word on price.
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