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EVGA keeps the suggested GTX 580 price

by on09 November 2010

Only one at US $499.99

It looks like that the retail/e-tail shops decided to pump up the GTX 580 prices and take advantage of the hype, but if you are lucky you might manage to score a reference GTX 580 priced at suggested retail price of US $499.99.

We already heard the US $499.99 price a couple of times before the launch and it was expected that retail/e-tail shops follow this to the letter, but for now the only card with this price comes from EVGA and only if you buy it directly on their web site. Although some might find it a bit too steep it is still better than the US $559.99 price tag at It is possible that the prices might go down in next couple of days, but do bear in mind that it could also go up if the demand is high, after all, this depends on retail/e-tail shops.

The EVGA GTX 580 reference card can be found here and it looks like it is still available.

Last modified on 09 November 2010
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