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Blizzard said to be planning console title

by on16 November 2010

Suspected to be Diablo III related
Blizzard has been keeping its eye on the console market for a long time now, but despite a few false starts the company has yet to bring their skills to the console market. Things could be changing, however, as Blizzard is apparently looking at a Diablo III related title for the console market.

According to have we have been able to dredge up so far, Blizzard is looking to hire some folks with console experience to join the Blizzard team to fill a number of positions. The project is actually being described as a Diablo-related title that would be just for the console market. It is unlikely that it would be an actual port of Diablo III from the PC to the console space.

Apparently, while Blizzard is bringing some folks with console experience in, the project it still in the planning stages and it is likely that little has been done so far.  Right now, the company has no additional details to share with the public and we suspect that it could be more of an exploratory exercise than anything else at this point. So, don’t get too excited just yet.

It would seem that there continues to be extensive interest in seeing Blizzard do a console title. The difficulty seems to be with Blizzard’s belief that their titles or RTS titles in general just don’t translate to consoles very well. In the meantime, we know that the company will continue to be focused on the PC/Mac for the long term, but exploring the console market might just make sense for the company to explore at this point to open a new avenue of revenue.
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