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EA to release Battlefield 2142 Deluxe Edition

by on17 January 2008


Northern Strike Booster Pack added

A Battlefield 2142
Deluxe Edition is set to be released later today. According the EA Store and Amazon, the price will be reduced to US$29.99, but it will now include the Northern Strike Booster Pack in addition to the Battlefield 2142 game.

EA has started a trend to re-release Battlefield titles in Deluxe editions that include the game and the booster packs at a reduced price. What we can’t figure out is whether it is only to drive or milk additional revenue out of the title or whether it is to create resurgence in gamers playing the title again.

While some Battlefield players were scared off at the futuristic look and weapons of the 2142 title, the real issue seems to lie in the problems surrounding the act of cheating in the game itself. It seems that most Battlefield titles are suffering from a series of hacks that evade Punkbuster, so the lowdown cheating behavior continues.

While the 1.40 patch did a lot to update and resolve a variety of issues with the game and make it more playable, the hackers quickly adapted their hacks for the title and were back after the patch release in a matter of days. EA and DICE have wiped stats and worked to try to curb the cheating, but it continues.

If you didn’t pickup Battlefield 2142 the first time around, it is pretty attractive at the $29.99 price tag. The Northern Strike Booster Pack was the only expansion released for 2142, but it did offer a healthy dose of new content to the game. The game can still be very fun to play, but be warned that until DICE does something far more aggressive to deal with all of the hacks, the cheating in online games can be rather upsetting.  We don’t get it.  It’s an online game – why cheat?

Last modified on 17 January 2008
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