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Bizarre may have sale options

by on18 November 2010

A number of companies express interest
Just a day after things were looking bad for the folks at Bizarre Creations, a number of sources are claiming that numerous companies have expressed an interest to Activision in purchasing the developer. Reportedly, a meeting took place that confirmed this was the case to the higher-ups at Bizarre.

While the mood of doom and gloom has changed to at least some optimism, it is not clear yet who the “interested companies” might be that would want to take Bizarre off Activision’s hands. Apparently, whispers confirm that while employees were given notice of a potential closure or sale of the company, the staff remains on consultation status for at least the next ninety days, so there is time yet to get a deal done.

From the shadows we are hearing that perhaps the most likely company that may want to acquire Bizarre is none other than Microsoft. Talk has been circulating for some time now that Microsoft would like to revive the Project Gotham Racing franchise; and since Bizarre is the creator of the franchise, who better to take up the reigns and again resume development on a new PGR title?

Our sources confirm that Microsoft might not be the only option for Activision to sell the studio. Apparently, a couple of other publishers have also expressed an interest in the developer, but it isn’t yet clear who those other potential suitors might be. While it would seem that a deal with Microsoft would likely be the best and most likely option, some rumblings we have heard suggest that several other publishers have IP that they own that we could see a revival of, provided they are able to land the talent at Bizarre.

We will just have to wait and see what happens, but at least it is a ray of hope for the developer to continue. One of the biggest questions that seem to now be floating around is whether the Blur IP might be part of any sale that Activision might do. While some sources suggest that it is possible, several have told us that it is unlikely the Blur IP would be part of any sale. The news all but crushes the possibility of a Blur sequel in the immediate future, but in the long term you just never know.
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