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PS Phone to be revealed this week?

by on06 December 2010

Zeus Z1 seems to be more than a rumor
While the doubters have been all abuzz suggesting that the possibility of a PlayStation Phone announcement was not happening, it seems others think otherwise. The latest is none other than Engadget, who believes that the Sony/Ericsson device (which apparently is being called the Zeus Z1) will be officially revealed to the world on December 9th with a planned official launch sometime in February 2011.

Our sources confirm to us that a PlayStation Portable Phone development effort is going on between Sony and Ericsson, but our sources can’t seem to tell us much more than they are working on it and there is nothing new to report.

What has been described to us is basically a PSPgo style device that has been melded with a touchscreen phone. This is bit different from the video that has been circulating, which looks to be a thicker Ericsson touchscreen smart phone that is running Android.

It seems that opinions are mixed on whether the video is real or a fake. Those that claim it is the real deal think that the device is very close to release and an announcement year this year is possible. Others tell us that this might be nothing more than an early prototype or an engineering sample for additional testing.

Still, the video does offer some compelling evidence that Sony and Ericsson are working on something; and an announcement yet this year would be good, as it could position them to go head to head with the upcoming release of the Nintendo 3DS when it launches next year.

You can read the Engadget story here.

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