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Nvidia rebadges another chip

by on06 December 2010

Just when you thought it stopped doing that
The green goblin has rebadged another chip and palmed it off as a new one.

The outfit's 500M mobile GPU series has more or less the same spec as what's already on offer in the 400M family. The GT 540M chip maintains the same 96 CUDA cores and 128-bit memory interface as the GT 435M.

However Nvidia claims it is “new” because the graphics and processor clock speeds have been cranked up to 672MHz and 1344MHz, respectively,. The onboard memory has been maxed to 900MHz.

The power requirements are the same and it is still essentially a 400M in drag. Nvida tells us that it is “exploiting the maturation of the production process” .

The new GT 540M will be seen in China immediately while you should be able to buy it next month in the rest of the world.

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