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New SSX to be confirmed at VGA Awards

by on09 December 2010

Just a new obscure title, but trailer to be shown
A finger pointed us to the comments by EA Sports president Peter Moore, who talks of “…an obscure new title,” that will have its trailer outed during the Spike VGA Awards on Saturday. After pointing the way, we were told that this was the confirmation that we wanted that a new SSX title was coming.

As we told you yesterday, we do think that the SSX remake is coming; but after some prodding our voice in the dark says that it will be the next generation arcade SSX experience that goes back to Tricky with its take on the SSX franchise. It will include some new stuff, but it will feature the SSX game play experience that fans want. Suggestions are that while it is attempting to capture the past, it will feature an updated control scheme that is similar to what EA has used in Skate previously.

The title is likely to be called something like SSX First Descent or maybe SSX Deadly Descent, based on domain registration information that we told you about previously. Other sources do confirm that the team working on the new SSX title are from the EA Vancouver studio and are made up primarily from veteran developers from the Skate (BlackBox) development team.
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