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Sandy Bridge still under NDA

by on05 January 2011

At least for retail/e-tail
We managed to get some aditional details regarding the limited availability of the Sandy Bridge lineup that we wrote about here. It appears that Intel's NDA is still in effect, at least when it comes to retailers/e-tailers and it appears that the date is set for 9th of January.

The NDA for selling Sandy Bridge is still set for January 9th and Intel only moved the review date to the 2nd of January. We were also told that Intel is quite keen on keeping the sales NDA set for January 9th and if NDA gets broken, "heads will fly", at least as far as Intel is concerned.

Our sources confirmed that all retailers/e-tailers are probably full of Sandy Bridge processors but are not allowed to sell it and a couple of listings just show that all of them are quite eager to switch the status of those CPUs to available, or they simply didn't get the proper NDA info. There are a lot of motherboards available but the sales are practicaly non existant due to the fact that it is really hard to get the CPU for them.

The same source confirmed that at least some of the major retailers/e-tailers have their warehouses full of Sandy Bridge processors and that there will surely be a lot of them on Sunday, January 9th.

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