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Gartner claims Blu-ray has won

by on29 January 2008


Toshiba engaged in useless resistance

A report from Gartner today claims that Toshiba is engaged in “useless resistance” in the prolonged HD format battle. While price cuts may prolong HD DVD’s ability to live a while longer, the report says the format war should be over by the end of 2008. The lack of titles on the HD DVD format will spell the end of the HD DVD format.

Gartner has suggested that the outcome has put Microsoft in the position of having to adopt the Blu-ray format in order to remain competitive with the Sony PlayStation 3. It has put Microsoft in a difficult situation, but the increased storage capacity will be necessary to move console gaming into next realm.

Toshiba has vowed to continue the fight against Blu-ray, but in recent days the picture continues to look bleak for HD DVD. It seems that consumers are starting to believe that the HD format war is at an end and Blu-ray sales are starting to experience an upswing; but HD DVD supporters are suggesting that is because HD DVD owners have not yet begun to purchase more new HD DVD titles. In recent days, reports are starting to filter in that retail locations are already starting to scale back their HD DVD title offerings and retailers are clearance-ing out remaining HD DVD players. Once remaining HD DVD players and titles are sold, many are suggesting that retailers will not re-stock, which seems all but certain according to reports.

Read the full Gartner story here.

Last modified on 29 January 2008
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