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New MacBook Pro seems to be likely

by on28 January 2011

Supply shortage seems to be more than a shortage
Several sources that we have spoken with have indicated that the supply of the MacBook Pro is a bit tight, with both the 15-inch and 17-inch units difficult to get at the moment. In the past when this has happened with Apple products it oftentimes indicates that a new version of the product is just around the corner.

Non–Apple store retailers that we spoke with have indicated that they have not been able to get a steady stream of the MacBook Pro unit since Christmas, and even around the holidays things were perhaps a bit tight. With Amazon quoting up to a two-month wait to ship your MacBook Pro, it puzzles us how Apple is still saying orders from their online store will ship within 24 hours of placing the order.

At any rate, with the recent announcements from Intel we do suspect that Apple might be trying to move through inventory while it gets ready to launch new models. Right now, we can’t say when this will happen; but as we shake the tree… watch for it.

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