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Tegra 2 to fight other ARM guys with Tegra zone

by on02 February 2011

VIP gamers club
Nvidia hopes that Tegra Zone is the answer to its mobile market prayers. The plan is to launch Tegra Zone, a VIP gaming area and the only requirement to get there will be to have a device powered by Nvidia's chip.

This might not be as easy as one would expect, as Motorola doesn’t go out and say out loud that it has an Nvidia chip inside. Instead, they are promoting their Xoom by saying it has a dual-core chip inside and not mentioning Nvidia. Smaller players will definitely put Nvidia’s sticker on the device, but traditionally, stickers aren't popular in the mobile phone segment.

Nvidia already has a preview of a Tegra zone on its website, here, and it does indicate that “finding the best Android games just got easier”. Tegra zone should launch “soon” and it should be delivered via Android Market, but we still don’t know when this is going to take place exactly.

Some featured games including Dungeon Defenders, Fruit Ninja and Back Breaker. These games are already available via Android Market to everyone who has an android device, but Nvidia’s version has a HD suffix that promises much better gaming experience. After all, Tegra 2 has a lot of gaming power, and hopefully we will see Tegra 2 devices such as LG's Optimus 2X or Motorola's Xoom tablet before the end of the month.
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