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Battlefield 3 to support 64 on PC

by on08 February 2011

Console versions to be limited to 24
More news on Battlefield 3 comes to light. This time around online player limits are said to have been set. Online play for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 console versions of the game are said to be limited to 24 players, while the PC version will offer support for a massive 64 players.

The limit of 24 for the console version really is not that big of a deal, as many FPS titles for consoles are normally limited to 24 players. The support for 64 players on the PC version is also not really a surprise, as this has been the max in previous Battlefield titles in the past.

It would seem from some of the leaked news that is circulating that Battlefield 3 will have a big focus on urban environments with locations such as Paris, Tehran and New York to be part of the package.

A number of retailers are now accepting pre-orders for Battlefield 3, but we suspect that most buyers really want to know when it will arrive; and right now, beyond hearing that it will arrive in the fall, we don’t know much and anything more we believe is speculation. Plans are still for a beta to precede the release of the game, but when that will arrive is still a mystery. Some of our sources seem to believe that it will be very late summer or early fall.
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