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Sandy Bridge boards still shipping in EU

by on08 February 2011

Despite Intel's calls to halt sales
Dozens of retailers are still selling Intel Sandy Bridge motherboards in the EU in spite of Intel's calls to halt all sales of 6-series motherboards affected by the SATA2 bug.

Although some vendors appear to have taken action and yanked their stock from the channel, getting a Sandy Bridge board is pretty easy. Our price engine lists a couple of dozen retailers who will happily sell you Asus and Gigabyte motherboards. MSI boards are somewhat fewer in number.

Interestingly enough, a couple of shops still carry Intel boards. Foxconn, Asrock and Biostar seem to be the only vendors who have done a good job pulling affected boards from the market, perhaps even better than Intel. Only a few of their boards are available in the EU, mostly in smaller shops.
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