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Intel chipset bug to hit Nvidia and ATI hard

by on11 February 2011

Especially notebooks
Our industry sources have said that it looks like Q1 2011 wont be a great month for notebook discrete graphics.

Since Intel announced its massive chipset recall, notebook manufacturers have put all orders on hold. This affects most of Nvidia and ATI graphics parts that were supposed to accommodate Sandy Bridge notebooks and offer it better graphics.

Some notebook manufacturers might decide to continue shipping its notebooks and try to convince users that their units are not affected, but this is a long shot. Even if they do use non-affected SATA 3.0 ports, people might not be relaxed about using notebook lines that suffered from this.

It is still not clear how much will this recall affect others including hard drive manufacturers, memory manufacturers, graphics chips manufactures and even mighty Microsoft who usually sells software for these notebooks. Its easy to predict that anyone who sells things that accommodate Intel's notebooks and desktops will be affected. Prepare for some weaker than expected Q1 results.

We will try to get some exact details but so far we know that notebook graphics for both Nvidia and ATI has been affected.

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