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Intel's Core i7-990X EE to be launched today

by on14 February 2011

Officially that is

Although we managed to spot it listed in retail/e-tail on February 1st, Intel's Gulfown-based six-core Core i7-990X EE will officially launch today.

We expect a bunch of OEMs and system builders to announce their fleet of systems with this CPU today, as it finally goes official. This six-core is working at 3.46GHz and clocks up to 3.6GHz with TurboBoost. It has a TDP of 130W and has 6x256KB of L2 and 12MB of L3 cache.

The price of the Intel Core i7-990X Expensive Edition was at around €990 back at the begining of the month and although it is still only listed in Poland the priced dropped a bit to €914,68. We'll hold a bit longer till the official launch to see the precise price for all regions.

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