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AirLive N.Mini reviewed

by on03 March 2011



AirLive N.Mini is a wireless device whose size makes it ideal for frequent travelers as well as those who don’t want to clutter their home with large routers and a bunch of antennas sticking out of them.

N.Mini is practical and simple to use – you won’t need software or any special knowledge of networking. We were impressed by strong signal coverage and strength, especially considering the lack of external antenna.

Data transfer speeds are very good, even when using P2P programs that open quite a number of connections (torrent clients).

The device is extremely efficient – it will consume only 1W when in stand-by mode and up to 2W during operation. The device does not heat up much, so we can easily omit it and being priced at around 34 euro makes it a really valuable and affordable companion on the road as well as at home.

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Last modified on 03 March 2011
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