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U.K. may get NASCAR 2011 after all

by on23 February 2011

Looking at a possible region-free release
Rumors have been tipping up that the new NASCAR 2011 would not be released outside North America. While North America enjoys the strongest support for the NASCAR series, apparently that didn’t sit well with NASCAR fans in other regions such as the U.K., where the game was not scheduled to see a release.

Developer Eutechnyx, however, is exploring some options for those NASCAR fans outside of North America so they can get the title if they want to play it. According to the latest word that we hear, Eutechnyx is apparently looking at a “region free” release of the game. While most PS3 titles are region- free, many Xbox 360 titles are not. Some very high profile titles, however, have been released in a region-free format, however; so this is not a new idea.

If demand for the game is high enough, Eutechnyx might consider distributing the title themselves outside of North America. Apparently, according to sources we have spoken with, the Activision distribution deal that the developer has is only for the North American market. This is why although NASCAR 2011 was announced for the North American market (it will arrive on March 29th), it was never confirmed for release outside North America, according to what we have been told.

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