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Upcoming PS3 with deal with hacks

by on23 February 2011

Price drop rumored to dump old inventory
As we expected, whispers that we are hearing today from the land of the rising sun tell a story of a new version of the PlayStation 3 console said to be in development to address the security breach of the PlayStation 3. The new console will apparently not be able to be exploited in the same way that the current versions of the console are.
The new hack-proof version is said to feature several new advancements to reduce cost; but basically it is still the same slim version of the console, with the exception that it is said to  include a 300GB hard drive.

Sony has apparently not figured out when it will release the new version of the PS3 into distribution, but it is prepared to slash prices of the consoles sitting in inventory and on dealer shelves to help move the older models out as quickly as possible, if necessary. A lot will depend on the damage that continues to be done by the hacks hitting the console and the impact that it is having, as well as the lawsuit with George Holtz (who apparently released the information that is leading to the latest exploits on the platform).

It is doubtful that Sony will build any more of the current revision of the console; so if the company needs to re-order more units before they have decided to release the new version, then they will build and release the new version of the console at that time. It is going to happen, as one source told us, but it is really more of a question of when is the right time to move forward with the release of the new model.

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