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Is Dance Hero in development?

by on09 March 2011

Activision filed for a trademark back in 2008
Could it be that despite the fact that both the Guitar and DJ members of the Hero franchise are on hiatus at the moment that the door is open for another Hero offering? Sources whisper to us that Activision is currently developing a new motion control dance title that is said to be called Dance Hero. Dance Hero reportedly features a number of popular artists.

If this proves to be correct, it actually isn’t that surprising, as Activision filed for a trademark on the title of Dance Hero back in 2008. In addition, with the success of Microsoft Kinect selling over 8 million units and the dance titles that have already been released by other publishers proving so successful, it really is no surprise that Activision would want to try its hand at capturing some of this market space.

The rumor about Dance Hero is a bit of a surprise from one angle, however; Activision didn’t jump on the band wagon for Kinect or Move, but instead admitted that they were going to wait to see how things developed with these motion control devices before jumping into the fray. It would seem that they have decided that it has sold well enough and will continue to have enough momentum to make such a project worth doing for them. It also could be that the game might feature both controller and motion control play, but this is also unconfirmed at this point.

We are unsure how accurate this information is, despite the fact that other sources on the Internet also seem to suggest that it is accurate. It is possible, however, that with the other members of the “Hero” franchise being kicked to the curb that Dance Hero might have also been a victim of this decision. Our sources tell us to expect an announcement at E3 as part of the new titles Activision will announce at E3.
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