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Dell turfs 900 in closing of call center

by on04 February 2008

Canadian's victim of weak U.S. dollar

Dell has touted its Canadian Call Center in Edmonton, Ontario as the model of efficiency and performance, but changes in the Dell marketing strategy have seen more and more Dell PCs appearing on local retailer shelves, which has led to Dell closing the Call Center after only 3 years into its 20-year lease. The closure of the Edmonton Call Center will result in the loss of 900 jobs at the facility.

According to Dell in order to compete with other manufacturers at the retail level, changes in their strategy had to be made. In addition, the weak U.S. dollar and stronger Canadian dollar makes it difficult to keep employees in the very hot Edmonton job market.

The closing of the Center will take place over the next several months, and reports indicate that several companies might be interested in the facility itself. Dell has said that it will be working with employees and the community to help it through the transition period.

Last modified on 04 February 2008
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