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Social notworking browser goes into public beta

by on10 March 2011

You no longer need a friend
Social notworking browser RockMelt, which is built around Facebook, realtime feeds, and faster search has gone into public beta.

The browser has been developed by Netscape founder Marc Andreessen and got fairly mixed reviews. Ironically the only way you could test it was to have a friend who was a beta user sent you an invite. Now after more than 15 updates and months of testing with a few hundred thousand active users, anyone can give it a go.

RockMelt is Chrome where extensions are forced on you. There is a box with all of your Facebook friends who are online with presence indicators, and another rail on the right with all your RSS feeds, Twitter and Gmail accounts, and custom apps. We gave it a go and it worked as a much more useful interface for a heavy Facebook session.

We did not see how it worked with games and apps, because we don't play them on Facebook, as we have a life. It does work with Twitter too.

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